Since I was a little child I used sing at any occasion. I would take walks up my favourite hill on the countryside. Thinking about the events of the day, naturally I would sing and sounds came to me naturally. I sing by the stream, on the hill, when taking a walk, wherever I am music is in my ears.
My neighbours heard me singing from the hill and told me that they miss my singing, since I moved to the city.

Whenever I sing I open a portal to realms of higher vibrational frequencies. I am strongly connected to the Hathors, who are interdimensional beings connected to ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor.

These beings connect to the soul through sound and change the vibrational pattern of it. They express sacred sound to bring your vibration into alignment with the vibration of the whole existence.

I was chosen to speak and sing through them. They guide me on my path through this lifetime and I am so honored to be in their footsteps.

I am guided through my concerts by them, singing intuitively using light language and movements of my hands and body. Sometimes I also am guided to dance and move my whole body to express the energies that come through me. Through the sounds and movements I am able to change the vibrational pattern of a room and any being that resides in it.

My concerts are highly transformational. The tool of my voice that has been gifted to me is very efficient. When you are drawn to my music, it is a sign that you are ready to embark on an exciting journey to the unknown that wants to be explored within you. I warmly welcome you on this path and am happy to be your guide towards the light.

I am very happy when your souls is calling for your true being through my music. There’s nothing more beautiful for me to share your soul’s voice through my words and sounds.

To remind you and myself: I am only a channel and I am honored to sing to you bringing you peace of mind, calm and a whole bunch of bright light into your existence. I am deeply honored to share my sacred connections with the Hathors and many other intergalactic and interdimensional beings who guide my way 🙏

I practise sound healing with my voice. The sounds are channeled directly from higher vibrational realms and beings.

My life’s purpose is to sind the songs of my heart. These songs and sounds have a high vibrational pattern that align an individuals vibration to the vibration of the universe.