I offer Yoga retreats in the beautiful mountains in Austria.

We will spend time together in a lovely community, sharing our hearts with each other. We cook together, sing around the camp fire and do Yoga early in the morning.

The Yoga style I teach is inspired by Sadhguru’s Yoga design called Isha Yoga. Isha Yoga consists of four major practice series that are derived from the ancient form of Yoga. It’s a form of the ancient practice of Hatha Yoga. The original version that has been practised in India since Yoga exists.

For myself I found it to be the most efficient and transformational Yoga style.

I personally have explored many different Yoga styles like different versions of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and have also practiced a lot of Kundalini Yoga.

In the last year I have practised Isha Yoga intensely and found it’s style to be the greatest ever. So that’s why I want to share this highly transformational technique with you.

I am looking forward to see you there!

Retreats coming up:

Weekend retreats start on Fridays at 5pm and end on Sundays at 3pm.

Including 2 meals and 2 Yoga sessions per day, daily singing circle and an intuitive healing circle

About the location:

A cottage in the mountains of Austria. It belongs to a friend of mine. All the features in the cottage are arranged so nicely and it’s truly a place where one can find peace in nature.