Chanting Meditation

My dream since early childhood has always been becoming a singer. Many people have already asked me to offer Chanting Meditations and to share my voice. That’s why it is very special for me to share my love for singing and music with you!

Duration: 1 hour


We will sing Sanskrit and Panjabi Mantras together. Don’t worry you’ll get a small booklet with the lyrics. I will sing the Mantras to you and we will take our time to learn and also feel the power of them.

The meaning of the Mantra and its benefits will also be explained.

We are not looking for perfect choir singers, everyone is welcome. You can take your time to get comfortable in the group and just enjoy the wonderful energy that is being created.


Mantras are sacred syllables or hymns. Ancient traditions have used them as a tool to generate peace of the mind during a difficult time. Nowadays Mantra chanting is still very commonly used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.


Mantra literally means “instrument of thought“, it’s a tool to change our mind pattern in a positive way. It calms us down and after a few minutes of singing you will find yourself in a quieter world. You will see possibilities where you’ve once seen problems and just everything makes more sense.

How much?

10 € per person