About Nataraj Yoga

What does Nataraj mean?

Nataraj is a depiction of Lord Shiva dancing, it is a very common symbol in hinduism. Shiva’s dance takes place between birth and death, duality and unity. Yoga means unity, Shiva was the first Yoga Guru. Yoga originates from him. Yoga in itself is a dance.


The idea to start my own business came in India. After spending several months there studying Yoga, Ayurveda and Philosophy, I decided to share this knowledge and experience I gained. I took a 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training and studied Ayurveda with a really good ayurvedic doctor for 2 months.  Other than that I found an amazing Guru, who I talk to everyday and who is giving me lots of advice. I found many amazing techniques that were so useful in daily life and also when suffering from a disease or imbalance. I’ve never heard of anything like this in the west before. It’s a whole new universe to explore.

About me

To make it short I’m a Yogini, a singer, an artist, a nature and animal lover, a traveler, a language enthusiast and I’m fascinated by nature’s healing powers. 

My travels to Central America and India have taught me so much within a short period. I go where the flow takes me. I also teach and work in a very intuitive way, so that I can adjust to each and everyone’s need.

I did my 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. In Vienna I also participated in a course to become a Yoga teacher for children. Teaching has become my passion, that’s why I’m currently studying to become an elementary school teacher.