Yoga and me

My Yoga story and how it all started.

It all started with watching a man on TV doing Tai Chi on a hill in beautiful nature. I still have this image in my head. I was totally awestruck by the way he moved his arms slowly up and down in a circle connecting the breath to it. Right away I got up and did the movements and felt the energy starting to move. Suddenly I knew that I want to learn Tai Chi and I found a course in the city I was about to move to.

Years passed and I looked at Yoga a little but didn’t feel connected to the way it was marketed as a fitness lifestyle. Skinny women doing impossible poses and thinking that they’re superior to the “normal” people. I kept a safe distance to it.

A year before Yoga really took hold of me, I went to a Yoga event in the park and opened up a bit more. I remember flipping through a flyer I gathered there, still keeping a distance.

Finally, 5 years ago my shoulders were aching, I was feeling drained by the life situations I got myself into. I spent so much time online watching TV series and scrolling through Facebook, where I found an online magazine called “The elephant journal” They talked about the amazing benefits of Yoga. Then I found “Yoga Journal” publishing several Yoga series in a week. I started practicing with these photos and felt so much better after and while doing some poses. I started to FEEL myself again. I instantly knew that I want to become a Yoga teacher. That happened basically right away.

I felt so lost. Didn’t know what I wanted or where I am going. I had simply no idea what I was doing with my life. I knew that my time is limited, and I didn’t want to spend it as miserable as I was then.

After a breakup that was very freeing but emotional, I immersed myself even deeper into the practice and started to spent an hour or two per day doing Yoga. I realized I can make MYSELF happy by doing Yoga.

Eventually there were only two options:

Lying in bed watching TV and complaining that my life sucks, that I am tired, lazy and my body aches.

Or: Getting up on my mat – that I got at that event at the park for free! – and do Yoga. Feeling awake, alert and up for everything during and after the practice.

I was in a rather depressed state I would say.

Things in my life didn’t work out back then and I am very grateful that they didn’t. It wasn’t my path that’s also why I have suffered so much. I suffered being in a city, having a very challenging voice teacher and studying some interesting bullshit, I would never get (a well-paid) job for. Geography to be more specific. I loved the topics, but in a world like this it’s not very “practical”.

This wasn’t the place where I belonged. It was time to get out of this situation and to follow my heart. But I kept it aside and struggled for a little more.

Yoga changed everything, simply everything.

After practicing all by myself for seven months I went to a Yoga Festival for four days. I was so excited to go there. I already had questions prepared to ask some Yoga teachers, who would be there.

I had already been looking into Yoga Teacher Trainings in India. “By accident” I had found an Indian friend on Facebook, who I chatted with for some time. He wrote poems and encouraged me to come to India.

I was so excited to go to the festival and do Yoga in a group. At first I was skeptical if it was ok to join the festival as a beginner not ever having officially visited one Yoga course or even one single class. YouTube was enough for me to start Yoga. I’ve never felt the need to go to a course to stick to my practice. It simply happened all by itself, naturally.

In the end it turned out that I was well prepared already. The fire that was burning within me for Yoga was more intense than for most people there. Many of them were teachers.

I was already quite flexible, because for some reasons I had been very ambitious. Lotus pose already happened after 6 months of practice. I was so lit.

Talking to teachers who have already visited India and sharing experiences, made me realize that all I want is going to India at this moment. That was when I started to study the Sanskrit alphabet/Devanagari and Hindi.

Nothing else mattered to me anymore. What was I giving up anyway? My life was a mess at 22. It actually had been a mess since graduating from school.

I didn’t want to be dragged under same wheels as everybody else. There had to be more to this life, I was thinking. And I found it in Yoga, Meditation and Chanting. I knew that this is what I will do for the rest of my life.

1 month in India, 2 months in Austria, fleeing back to India for 3 more months and finally trying to settle in Austria forcefully again.

Now that I have spent the last three and a half years in Austria. I started studying again. My last year is now starting.

When I came back home from India I wanted to teach in Vienna, but I was not balanced at all. I needed some time to ground myself after having had many strong experiences in India. It took me two to almost three years to finally settle down again and accept that I am in the right place here.

These days I don’t want to go anywhere. All I want to do is being at home, enjoying my garden, the beautiful countryside scenery around my home and sitting on my couch writing about Yoga, diet and life itself. I enjoying volunteering for Sadhguru by doing german translations of his wisdom so much and get so much back for my the time and effort I put it.

I love to learn, I love to teach, I love to connect to people and share my heart. Teaching Yoga and organizing Yoga retreats is the best job that I could ever imagine. I love it so much!

On my last flight back home from India a video of a Guru popped up on my phone. An Indian friend shared his video on Facebook. It was Sadhguru. He has accompanied me through his videos on YouTube for the last three years. He is the best souvenir I could have gathered from India. On YouTube his wisdom is always accessible.

To this day I’ve never gone to a single Yoga class as a student. Only to see how other teachers teach and when I was aspiring to become a Yoga teacher at a studio.

I have the slight feeling that Yoga is what my whole life revolves around and will in the future as well. I knew it from the first moment actually, that Yoga is what I want to do and teach for the rest of my life.

All this time I thought music is everything I am really good at and that I must pursue. But Yoga turned my whole life’s focus around.

Before I was egocentric and wanted to do my thing. Now I want to uplift myself and take others with me. I want to make you high, I want to make you fly, I want to make you feel what I feel. I want to make you feel yourself better. I want to show you the magic Yoga can do.

But you have to do it. That’s all!

Namaste ?