Through all our lives we go on the quest for freedom.

We are longing for financial freedom, freedom from all boundaries, freedom of speech, freedom of movement and so much more.

I’ve always wanted to be unbound, but so much is still binding me. No matter how often I have moved from one place to another.

After school I didn’t want to fall into the same trap as so many people do. Simply I never wanted to follow the herd. I wanted to do my thing. So, I started studying, I changed my studies, moved to another city, broke up with my boyfriend, just to get another boyfriend a few months later, then I went traveling and life went on like this for about 3 years.

Traveling, changing plans, moving, being single and then again feeling trapped in a relationship. I tried a lot of the things I wanted to try and at some point it turned out, that nothing made me freer. Still I feel the need to run and be at several places at the same time, doing lots of different things. My focus is terribly scattered and I am realizing all at once that my quest for freedom with the ways I wanted to achieve it, will never ever work.

For the last three years I have settled down, because I realized that I have tried so much, but my home is, where I am. All my troubles are coming along, no matter where I run. It was a big thing for me to settle down, get a really nice flat and finally stick to my studies. At the same time I have never felt freer.

Abroad I felt lost so many times. I mean I had fun and the sceneries were beautiful, but I was in search of something that was always inside me. This freedom I can only find in me.
Not by adding to my do to list and ticking things off. This is not freedom.

I’ve observed that travelers want to tick so many places off their list that they become restless to move from one place to another.  

Freedom is having nothing on your list to tick off. It is simply doing what is needed in this moment in time for yourself in tune with the universe.