Melon: From an ayurvedic point of view

Energetics: cold and sweet

Vata + (in excess)

Pitta –

Kapha +

All different kinds of melons have a cooling effect. They can be a treatment for different kinds of fevers. 

The watermelon should be consumed in the summer mostly, because cooling food in winter is generally not recommended. You can use it to treat sunstroke, hot flashes, thirst, fevers, irritability or burning sensations. It works well as a blood purifier and cleanses the tissues. At the same time watermelon helps you to rehydrate and it flushes the kidneys, other than that it is rich in vitamin A and C.

Cantaloupe melon is milder and therefore better for Vata disorders. It helps with acne and rashes, and promotes soft skin. Just rub melon rind on your skin before bed.

But only eat melons 3 hours after meals. They should only be eaten alone. Don’t it eat at night or when cloudy otherwise it causes edema or abdominal pain. Eating them in excess causes respiratory problems. It should not be eaten when one suffers from a glaucoma.